Early Spanish, Mexican and California Vaqueros earned their reputations by the legends of the horses they rode. Their time honored secrets of bit design (balance, weight, leverage, secondary leverage, port and pitch) have been preserved and incorporated into every Fleming® Bit. Each rider must add the time and horsemanship necessary to earn the pride that goes with the making and riding of a properly finished horse… straight up in the bridle!

Fleming® bits are entirely hand-forged and hand-engraved. Each bit is designed to ensure proper leverage and balance. They are made of Sterling Silver overlaid on stainless steel or inlaid in blued iron. Standard mouth piece width is 5″ but other mouth piece widths are available and any mouth may be ordered with any cheek style. All mouths are available in iron “sweetened” with copper. Standard mouth for overlaid bits will be stainless steel. Blued iron cheeks and iron mouths will eventually oxidize (rust) to form a beautiful patina.

Please specify cheek and mouth style, inlaid or overlaid. Initials and/or brands can be added for additional fee. Allow 60-90 days for delivery.

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